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In the midst of a company building, a singular vine bursts through the tile floor. What things of beauty and chaos can be found in the clash between the unpredictability of nature and the innate human desire to create and interact with technology? In this new issue, Mother Nature and the Machine, we encourage our writers to think about the wild worlds that come from these two sides. Where do they come together? Where do they not?

Go big or go small, mundane or extraordinary. We look forward to reading your take!

Please note that your piece can discuss both themes of nature and technology, or focus on only one of them. Write what speaks to you the most!

 Where to Submit 

Email submissions to

  General Submission Guidelines  

 Please Include: 

  • The genre: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, of your submission.

  • A short biography (OPTIONAL): 100 words or less that describes you, your work, any publications you've been featured in, and or a Twitter or Instagram handle, written in the third person. This will appear under published work, so that interested readers can learn a bit about the author. Biographies can include as much or as little information as the author likes. Biographies are not required, but we appreciate them!

 Length Limits: 

  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Up to 7 pages

  • Poetry: Up to 4 pages

  • Font size for Fiction/Nonfiction: 12 pt


*Excerpts of accepted works may appear on social media pages operated by EUSO to promote The Crimson Thread publication. If you'd prefer your work to be omitted from our socials, please let us know by emailing us at

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